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Introducing ButterfLife

Your health is in your hands!! It is no longer just a saying, thanks to butterfLife you can quickly and easily monitor your vital parameters. From today, simple and reliable vital parameter measurements is within everyone's reach, all thanks to VST srl’s technology. After years of scientific research a simple device has been produced


Functional anywhere

Thanks to its Wireless ButterfLife technology, vital parameters can be measured anywhere, anytime. You only need an internet connection.

Easy to configure

Easy to configure ButterfLife can be easily configured with your mobile device (Smartphone, tablet or computer)

Fast parameter detection

A complete report of 5 vital parameters measurements within 2 minutes, all thanks to ButterfLife

As simple and relaxing as reading the newspaper

ButterfLife is as easy to use as reading the newspaper

Reports written for you

Parameter measurements are stored in a cloud and sent directly to the e-mail of your choice.

ButterfLife can save your life

ButterfLife is not a life-saving interventional device such as a defibrillator, but gives you and your family doctor access to your Electrocardiogram in less than 3 minutes, for a quick and fast consultation


Download the ButterfLife Brochure

You will find lots of interesting information about its application and features

Download our demo report

Are you curious to see ButterfLife at work? Look through an example report and see what ButterfLife can do.

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